About Us

State Tax Services, LLC is a state and local tax consulting firm focusing primarily on sales and transaction taxes. The majority of the firm’s client base consists of large multistate and multinational corporations for whom we provide a variety of tax consulting work, including the design and development of tax logic for sales and use tax systems automation projects, legislative advocacy, audit defense and mitigation, refund analysis, as well as ongoing transactional consulting and mergers and acquisitions transaction tax assistance.

The firm has particular expertise in the healthcare industry; however, our clients and experiences are diverse, spanning the technology, general contracting, manufacturing, energy and retail industry sectors as well.  

The firm also is a member of the Business Advisory Council to the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board.


Albert Babbitt

Albert Babbitt is the founder and president of State Tax Services, LLC and a former partner in Deloitte Tax’s multistate tax services group. While with Deloitte, Al was the national leader of multistate tax for Deloitte’s life sciences and healthcare industry business segment, as well as the sales and use tax client service representative to Deloitte’s Global Strategic Client program and the leader of the Atlanta sales and use tax practice. He has over 28 years of governmental and public accounting experience.

Before joining Deloitte, Al was the New England practice leader for sales and transaction taxes with another Big Four firm, and prior to that was the leader of the sales and transaction tax unit of the Appellate Division of the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services. In this capacity, Al was responsible for the administration of all sales and transaction tax appeals for the state and was a liaison between the Appellate Division and the Office of The Attorney General for litigated tax matters.

Al has been involved with a variety of multistate tax engagements for clients, including tax systems automation, audit mitigation, legislative advocacy, litigation support, refund analysis, nexus reviews, voluntary disclosures and transactional consulting. He has extensive experience in the healthcare, energy, manufacturing and retail industry sectors.

Outside of the tax field, Al was a founding shareholder and CFO of two startup gaming technology companies, each of which successfully developed state-of-the-art analytics, direct marketing and social network platforms that were sold to a large tribal gaming company and is a founding shareholder and board member of a European gaming technology company specializing in analytics and slot performance optimization.

Scott Mickelson

Scott Mickelson is a senior manager with State Tax Services, LLC and has over 20 years of varying state and local tax experience. Formerly, Scott worked as the tax manager at Gambro, Inc., a manufacturer of dialysis equipment and related supplies and operator of free-standing dialysis clinics. During Scott’s nearly five-year tenure at Gambro, he was responsible for the sales and use tax area. This entailed oversight of the outsourced compliance function, audit defense, reverse audits, and voluntary disclosures. At State Tax Services, Scott manages these same areas for clients as well as providing assistance with legislative advocacy.

Prior to joining Gambro, Scott was employed in the tax departments of a venture capital company and a privately-held software company. In each of these settings, he was again responsible for the sales and use tax function and therefore understands the operational issues and constraints that can fall upon the tax department with respect to sales and transaction taxes.

Scott received his Master of Taxation degree from the University of Denver and his MBA degree from the University of Colorado. He has an active CPA license in the state of Colorado and is a member of the Colorado Society of CPAs and the AICPA.

Morty Steindler

Morty Steindler is a senior manager with State Tax Services, LLC and has 20 years of state and local tax consulting experience focused in the area of sales and use taxes. Morty works extensively with CaseWare International’s IDEA® and Microsoft Access® data analysis software to analyze large volumes of client data for strategic compliance reviews. In addition, he consults on tax process automation implementations for businesses with multistate operations. Morty manages a variety of other projects including audit mitigation, refund analysis, voluntary disclosures and transactional consulting.
Formerly, Morty worked as a manager with Deloitte Tax’s multistate tax services group based in Atlanta. Prior to joining Deloitte, Morty provided multistate tax consulting for a Fortune 10 company. Part of his responsibilities in this capacity included the coordination of activities between audit, compliance and tax technology functions.

Jason Bilz

Jason Bilz is a manager with State Tax Services, LLC and has over 13 years of experience in the sales and transaction tax area. Through his proficient use of CaseWare International’s IDEA® and Microsoft Access® data analysis software, Jason performs strategic compliance reviews of client data, specializing in the analysis of large datasets involving millions of records, and also develops statistical samples for use by clients and state and local tax jurisdictions. Jason provides assistance to clients with audit defense, sales and use tax matrices, tax overpayment reviews, voluntary disclosure agreements as well as other sales and use tax and compliance concerns. Jason has experience in a diverse array of industries including healthcare, manufacturing and telecommunications.
Before joining State Tax Services, Jason was a tax senior in the multistate tax practice of Deloitte Tax in Atlanta, GA.